Matthew Spong (carbonunit) wrote,
Matthew Spong

Looking for Weatherby

I have a faint memory and I can't seem to back it up with research. I seem to remember a comic in the Sunday papers when I was young, in the 70s. It was about a boy and girl who lived in a strange city called, I think, Weatherby, and everything in this comic was about the weather. I remember the town was split in two by the main street, and on one side it was always sunny and on the other it was always raining. There was a dome like an observatory, but the devices inside were used to control the weather.

The thing that really stands out is my dim memory of the end of the comic and the end of Weatherby. I remember a devastating final issue where an asteroid crashes into the weather dome, causing disaster throughout the city, the main street split down the middle, stranding the boy on one side and the girl on the other. Then reality itself dissolved away and everything vanished. All expressed in about 16 four-colour panels in the Sunday funnies. I think my parents said the artist who drew the comic was dying of cancer and this was his angry final comic when the paper told him he had to wrap it up.

The problem is, every time I google "weatherby" and "comic" I end up with Mr Weatherbee, the principle of the high school Archie went to. Even [weatherby comic sun herald -archie -jughead] doesn't do the trick. Anyone out there confirm I'm not tripping here?
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