Matthew Spong (carbonunit) wrote,
Matthew Spong

Yes, I am still alive. I just haven't been feeling much like posting anything here for some reason. Perhaps it's just the psychic contamination from the mass exodus leaving LJ. I'm not interested in shutting down my blog, but I would like to do something else creative online in another forum.

One thing I've been contemplating is using a box of Polaroids I picked up when I did some volunteer work at Reverse Garbage. The set contains over 700 blurry amateur Polaroids, many with Dymo labels attached to the white frame describing the scene. I think of them as shots from the Deserted World, because I can't think of one which has an actual human face or figure in it. This could be because whoever donated them to Reverse Garbage removed the shots of their family or friends, but it could also be the mind of the photographer. I also find it difficult to photograph people, especially strangers, but these photos tend to be snaps of the most mundane, ugly and empty sights you could imagine, like the sign of a seedy motel in Woop Woop, or some red tile roofs under a cloudy sky, or a swan shaped plant pot made from a tire. The only signs of human presence anywhere are a bizarre shot of an outstretched arm holding a melon, and a few shots of pets pawing at disembodied knees. It's a desolate, melancholy world, and I might set up a Tumblr for it if there is any interest.
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